Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pin #25 Slow Cooker "Fauxtisserie" Chicken

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 I know the picture looks a little scary, but go with me here! This chicken was amazing. Seriously amazing. The first night I served it with a side of rice and veggies and it tasted great. A few days later I used the other chicken breast to make fajitas and even the leftovers were delicious. I am not a huge fan of leftover chicken. There is usually a flavor that I just don't love. Not the case with this "fauxtisserie" chicken. The meat was moist and had really good flavor, probably due to the heaping amounts of Lawry's salt that you coat it with before putting it in the crockpot. 
The original recipe over at Our Best Bites was even more coated with the salt and had fresh rosemary on top. I am currently trying to grow my own herbs but since they are still seeds at this point, I needed to use the dry version. I just lifted the skin off the breast and put a little minced garlic and  dried rosemary up under the skin. The next key step is to make the aluminum balls for the chicken to lay on in the slow cooker. This keeps the meat up out of the fatty juices that run off. The recipe called for 3 aluminum balls, but I have no balancing skills and decided to make 4 balls. No worries it all it in the crock pot. Then I just set the temperature to low, put the lid on, and left it alone for 8 hours. I did put it under the broiler a bit to brown the skin, but that was after I took this picture. The chicken got a little mangled as I tried to get it out of the crock pot but everyone still ate it up.

All you need:
1 whole chicken- small enough to fit in your crock pot
Salt based seasoning such as Lawry's Salt
Garlic and fresh herbs are optional
 Aluminum foil

-make sure to rinse off the chicken, including in the cavity, and pat it down before putting on the salt
Click here for more detailed instructions from Our Best Bites

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  1. hooray! i've only once ever roasted a chicken, and it took the help of four other people. wait! we cooked our own turkey breast last thanksgiving! all on our own too, i'm so proud (yet somehow i forgot.) but anyway, i want to try this crock pot chicken... thanks for posting!