Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pin #21 Big Red Barns

Inspiration Pin
Today I felt like searching for barns on Pinterest. I typed 'red barns' into the search engine and the picture that was pinned more than any other came from Meadowbrook Farm. The picture itself really beautiful, but the best part is that by clicking on the pin, I think I found my new favorite blog. The author, Teresa is a really talented photographer. I honestly thought she had posted some pictures from an issue of Better Homes and Gardens but the house I want to steal, beautiful flowers, and lovely landscape are all hers.  She is one lucky lady. Makes me want to buy and farm and move to the country. 
I am pretty much a city-girl, but my parents are both from a small town in Vermont that is nestled in the green hills the state is famous for. We would go there every few summers to see our grandparents, and I think that is where my love of barns comes from.  I took this picture one of the last times I was there to visit. It's located right off the road that is named after my family. Maybe if I get to own a barn one day, it can be this one:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pin #20 Policeman Memory Game

Can't Find the Original Pin!
I know someone pinned this in the last few days, but of course I forgot to repin or like it and now I can't find the original pin. It's not the first time that has happened and it's always so frustrating trying to remember where you've seen things. I'm putting up pictures anyway, because I needed an idea for preschool and used a game I found in this preschool pack. I love the lady at Homeschool Creations who makes these packs! I need to send her a thank you note or something, since she has saved me a number of times and all of her awesome packs are free to download.

We were learning about Police Officers this week and since I neglected to start getting stuff ready until the morning we have preschool, I needed a game I could make quickly. Lucky for me, I found this preschool pack and my husband bought me a laminator for Christmas.

Please excuse the mess in the background. We were having fun.