Friday, May 18, 2012

Pin #29 Crocheted Baby Stuff

My Pinspiration 

I learned to crochet from an old Russian Babushka who wasn't very patient. It didn't help that I had never been taught any crocheting words in my Russian lessons. She would get so frustrated when I couldn't remember what she was talking about and would just yell the instructions at me as if that would help me understand. The weird part is that after a few months of loud crochet lessons, I finally figured it out what I was doing and the two of us became friends. Over the years I have been grateful that I learned to crochet. It is my go-to skill when I have to make baby gifts. I am finally at the point where I can create my own patterns or change one to fit my needs. 
These boots are a good example. I found a pattern that looked awesome but was insane to crochet. It was supposed to create a cable pattern on the outside of the boot. After a few attempts to make the boots, I decided that I didn't love how they looked and changed things up. Here is what I came up with:

I am excited to send them off to my friend in Utah. She asked me to crochet a few hats and shoes for a baby that she is having this summer. I made the boots as a surprise and so I hope that she likes them. Here is a picture of the rest of the items I crocheted for her:
 She also asked for a baby cocoon. She found one on Pinterest that she liked and sent me the picture and I tried to copy as well as I could. This is the end result:

I took this picture but I kind of hate it. Am I the only one who thinks it looks funny when people use dolls to model their crochet creations? It just doesn't look right. But the cocoon by itself looks odd too. Oh well! Hopefully she loves it!


  1. holy cow, mary! those are all so cute! i'm really bad at making my own patterns (which is why the arrow on jack's aang hat is a little weird. i'm super impressed!

  2. Those boots are so adorable!! You are amazing! And I LOVE the little bear hat, so sweet! Someday you need to teach me to crochet.